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Flathead Valley of Montana and the Safe Haven States Project
New Hampshire and The Free State Project
Idaho and the American Redoubt
The world is changing fast. Our freedoms are being compromised and our privacy obliterated completely. 

Maybe you know that's wrong
and are looking to be free. 

You are in the right place.  
Here you'll find information and resources to disconnect from the surveillance tech grid. Everything from how to buy healthy food from local producers to finding a friendly, independent bank to relocating to a more liberty-oriented place, and much more!  

Browse around. And let us know what else we can find to make your life one lived in freedom. 
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Flathead Lake, Montana
New Hampshire
to  life ...
Masada Surplus and Survival
Recent News
Universal internet ID is in development now. 

Will you stay online 
when it comes to you? 

If not, let us know ...  
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Attention Merck, Fort Walton Beach, Embarq, Virginia Beach: 

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?